The Unluckiest Athletes In The History Of The Olympic Games

To climb the podium and win medals at the illustrious Olympic games requires super-human levels of skill, an extreme dedication to your sport, and sometimes just a little LUCK. There are a few athletes, however, whose time at the games demonstrated that they were severely lacking in the latter category.

From dangerous falls, to getting stuck behind toilet doors, to some truly gruesome accidents, the following is a list of the unluckiest athletes ever to compete in the Olympic games. And please, don’t blame me if your Olympic ambitions are well and truly extinguished after looking at these fails.

1.Samir Ait Said


Samir Ait


This year’s games in Rio has already seen its fair share of bad luck, when French gymnast Samir Ait Said landed awkwardly after his release from the vault, snapping his leg and leaving the bone clearly out of place. To make matters worse, the 26-year-old was forced to miss the London 2012 games after fracturing his leg in three places during the European Championships. To top things off, the paramedics in Rio DROPPED him whilst transporting him on stretcher into the ambulance. Now that is bad luck!

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