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Famous Theories about Ice Dragons in ‘Game of Thrones’


‘Game of Thrones’ have a huge audience all around the world. The phenomenal characters in the series has entertained the audience every time. One of the most magnificent characters of the series is, ‘The Ice dragons’.

Along with the heroes in the series, people have huge craze for Ice Dragon as well. More of their character in this fantasy drama series, the Ice Dragons are also popular regarding their looks. People love to search about the theories of Ice Dragons, their origin & any evidence in history.

One thing common about every hardcore Game of Thrones fan is: Ice dragons are coming. Although they haven’t yet appeared in the books, and aren’t guaranteed to, they are referenced enough that fans are convinced they play a part in the wars to come.


The first and most obvious one for the television series to roll with is that ice dragons are made the same way wights are.And given that The Night King even managed to zombify giants to join his army, dragons seem like child’s play. So one theory is that one of Daenerys’ fire dragons dies and The Night King turns it into an ice dragon.

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There’s also evidence to support that ice dragons occur in nature, and aren’t necessarily made by White Walkers. For instance, in the books, ice dragons are said to be much bigger than Valyrian dragons. Turning something into a wight doesn’t magically make it bigger. So this suggests that ice dragons are simply magical creatures that live in nature, rather than zombified fire dragons.


Another theory comes from that 1980 book The Ice Dragon, which features one of the creatures helping a princess defeat seven fire dragons. At the end of the story, the ice dragon melts into a small, cold pond. Some fans believe that the pond outside Winterfell could be a dormant ice dragon, lying in wait to be reborn.

All these theories add more spark to the essence of this fantasy character, which the makers of ‘Games of Thrones’ have used wisely. So, if you are also a fan of this popular series, then you must not be ignoring the ‘Ice Dragons’.

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