There Are Plenty Of Athletes In Rio Right Now, But These Are By Far The Biggest

Whether you’re lucky enough to be attending the Olympics or you’re watching the world’s best athletes come together from the couch, you’ve probably familiarized yourself with a few larger-than-life competitors.

Names like Simone Biles, Yusra Mardini, and Katie Ledecky have likely come up with breakfast in the morning and before meetings in the afternoon. You’ve probably marveled at Michael Phelps’ 20th gold medal in an email thread between coworkers or with your spouse during dinner.

But what if these athletes (the smallest of whom is just under five feet tall) really were larger than life? Well, thanks to one French artist who goes by the name JR, we don’t have to imagine what that’d be like. As part of an ongoing installation, JR, and his team built massive athletes who loom over Rio de Janeiro much in the way the achievements of their real-life counterparts will hang over our excited heads until August 21.

He didn’t just start creating these hulking pieces. In fact, he’s been at it for over a year.


creating these hulking pieces