These 10 Presidents Prove That Aging Happens A Lot Faster In The White House

It should come as no surprise that stress ages people. Politicians know that all too well.

Every four years, liberals and conservatives alike flock to their polling places to cast their votes for the next president. Truth be told, no matter who wins this time around, the person who enters the White House won’t be the same when they leave the Oval Office for the last time.

Being president is perhaps the single most important job in the country, which means that normal workplace stress for these people extends far beyond what we’re used to. Although physical and emotional strain take their toll on all of us, they wreak a special kind of havoc on American presidents. For these 10 Commanders in Chief, the stress of the job was not kind.

1. Abraham Lincoln took over the role of president in 1861 at the age of 52.


Abraham Lincoln


Drafting the Emancipation Proclamation and abolishing slavery left Lincoln looking understandably haggard.