These 15 Things Will Show You What Happens When You Start Taking Instructions Really Seriously

Some people in this world are lazy as well as very stubborn and therefore they think they are intelligent enough to figure out things themselves. They refrain from reading any proper instructions and think that the guidelines mentioned are for the dumb to follow. Under no circumstance will these people understand that they too require guidelines and instructions to follow and comprehend certain things. However, the world also comprises of those who bother to read the instructions as well as guidelines and therefore these people are able to implement the task correctly and accurately the first time only.

It is really a pity for those who keep trying only to face disappointment at each attempt. These pictures will show you hilarious instances of people who try to manage the things without any help, guidance or assistance.

  • The cycle lock. Somebody tell him that his cycle is not safe at all.

  • If he would have done complementary lessons, then probably he could have been in a better position.

  • This burger maker must have taken a nap during the orientation that explained how his job was to be executed.

  • Well, if she had read the instructions properly, this was the simplest task to do.

  • New way to wear headphones, but warning, people might stare at you like this.

  • A series of mishaps and failures all at once! Way to go!

  • It was certainly not meant to be worn in this way. I am pretty sure of that.

  • Expectation vs reality! Baby Groot, please do not feel bad.

  • Paying attention to your lessons is extremely important. They are taught for a reason.

  • This just outperformed the worst drivers of all time. Poor Car.

  • Pet owners! Learn from this stupid mistake.

  • Just a few inches more, and he would have been successful.

  • Awesome job girl, we wish you had known what the gloves are put on for!


  • We will let you comment on this one!

  • Muffin ice cream…anyone?

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