These 20 things will make the kids of today wonder how we survived!

The kids of the new generation have seen a life where technology has made everything so simple and convenient. These 20 things will surely take you down memory lane.

  1. Saying hello on the phone was not easy. You had to press 7 numbers before that!

  1. Indulge in huge piles of CD covers just to find the appropriate one, yeah we had CDs.

  1. Technology was not as convenient as it is now

  1. We had to type www every time we wanted to open a link

  1. We had to watch TV without a remote and wait for channels to switch on their own

  1. You can call us a barbarian but we had to watch movies on these 2 VHS tapes

  1. Netflix was not available in a click, we had to wait days for it

  1. For navigation, we had to print the directions and hang them in the car.

  1. The shoulder exercise at the time of rolling windows in the car.

  1. We used wait for weeks to see the pictures we clicked.

  1. Going through a maze each time we had to search for a particular file.

  1. Had to keep pressing skip in order to find the song we want to listen to.

  1. Wait for an exceedingly long time for download, like really long.

  1. A tape had to be used to listen to the songs in the iPod.

  1. We used to actually write messages on the wall of Facebook to have a conversation

  1. These dialogue boxes took 15 minutes to go:

  1. Switching on the internet by mistake was a nightmare.

  1. Only channel 3 could play the movies.

  1. To make a cheap call, we had wait till 9 o’clock

  1. There used to be a memory crisis every time the phone was switched on

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