These 24 tweets on the Indian Pakistan Championship Trophy will surely make you laugh

The last night, India proudly won the first match of the ICC Championship Trophy against Pakistan by a majority of 124 runs. Those who watched the match know how spectacularly India won, but those unfortunate ones who missed it, do not worry. These tweets below will explain to you the entire match in a much hilarious manner.

Control your laughter if you can.

  • Yeah! It was a really tough call.

  • Striking similarity. LOL

  • That is hell of a hairstyle! Probably would be the latest trend.

  • Certainly a true story! The comparison was so accurate.

  • That’s right captain! Your prayers did magic.

  • Somehow, even the MET costume of Priyanka Chopra got involved in the India Pakistan Match.

  • Must have been really heavy rains. The water could get inside the studio too.

  • The rains could be put to use for farming.

  • If Pakistani cricketers could dance, it would be quite similar to this.

  • When Sachin Tendulkar is publicizing his movie.

  • India achieved a trait that was unbeatable.

  • The devil polluting the mind.

  • The whirlpool of emotions that were witnessed during this match. Thank you SRK!

  • The Duckworth Lewis Method and the perfect example for it.

  • The Vijay Mallya effect.

  • There was even more to Vijay Mallaya.

  • When the roles are reversed.

  • Apparently, the Pakistani players can motivate some singers too.

  • Oh my god! M speechless.

  • Wondering why Dhoni did not play, here is the reason!

  • Situation in Pakistan must be like this only!

  • Well done Pakistan!

  • That is a funny one.

Team India, we are so proud of you! Be the invincible because a million hearts beat with you!

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