These 7 Unconventional Uses For Sliced Bread Prove That Carbs Aren’t All Bad

Americans consume an estimated 53 pounds of bread a year. This fact alone is enough to send anyone into a carbo-rich coma.

White bread has a bad reputation as being one of the worst carb-rich foods you can but in your body. …but what if I told you that when it comes to life hacks, this carb is secretly a Wonder Bread? You can use bread as more than just an edible purse for your favorite lunch meats;there are many unconventional uses for sliced bread.

And if you’re me, you end up throwing away more bread than you consume, so why not stop throwing away your hard-earned cash and repurposing your yeasty treats. Here are 7 unusual uses for sliced bread that are sure to send you running to your nearest grocery store or bakery.

1. Clean Your Coffee Grinder

Tossing a few stale chunks of bread into your coffee grinder will help clean out the coffee grinds from every nook and cranny.


Clean Your Coffee Grinder