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These Epic Offices Will Make You Want To Hand In Your Notice ASAP


Work. Sadly, we all have to do it. Unless of course you are Kim Kardashian (just kidding Kimmie, I know you work your little Louis Vuitton socks off). Some of us love our jobs, while the rest of society go to sleep dreading the next day that comes. The latter category of people often work in offices where their colleagues are as boring as their workstations. But would they feel the same way if they spent their days in an office that wasn’t so damn depressing and basic?

If you take a moment to think about the percentage of your life that you spend confined within your company’s walls, it’s a pretty long time. So with this in mind you would imagine that the general office would be constructed of a little more than a few white walls, IKEA desks and lukewarm coffee pots. If you worked in one of these epic places of business then I’m sure your feeling towards employment would differ greatly.

1. Google

Tel Aviv, Israel.



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