These pictures show the innocence and cuteness of their children, but on closer look they reveal something else

You know what is the best part about children? They are extremely innocent and do not think before they do anything.

Since they are so adorable and cute, parents can never get enough of their children and they keep clicking pictures of whatever they keep doing them and post them online. However, what they did not realize was that, these cute pictures sent another inappropriate message altogether. So here are the pictures that were loved by the parents but appeared wrong to the others.

  1. Look Mommy Daddy, I have a ticket of gold

This child came running to his parents that he found a golden ticket of Willy Wonko. But yeah, we know what he actually found.

  1.  This picture tells a different story, which I am sure was not what the child meant.

A few spelling changes made up a new story. The correct spelling would not have made it so funny.

  1.  Is that a picture of the shark or a body part? I will let you decide.

Kids love drawings. They do not hesitate to scribble and draw over any surface, be it your father’s forehead. The kid says that he drew a shark. What does it look like to you?

  1. Its Fishing time!

Next time your child wants to go fishing, make sure you get better fishing rods for him or her, these current ones would not help.

  1. That is a lovely award. LOL


Every parent flaunts about the achievements their children make, in spite of the fact that their awards look something like this.

  1. FYI, That’s a birdhouse

This birdhouse got transformed into something else. Thanks to our dirty imagination.

  1. That is impressive

Costumes of dinosaurs look super cute. But the photographer should have told the child that, he is wearing it the wrong way.

  1. Because some kids wish to grow very soon.

This kid seems to show interest in the opposite gender quite early. It looks like he’s got an early blooper.

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