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Few Things That Only Indians Can Relate To

Indians are emotional people who love their kids a lot, but have this knack of saying the most outrageous, outlandish and offensive statements. A good 80% of the young adults continue living with their parents, unlike US or UK where the kids move out on their own in their teens. The reasons are many – you can call it tradition, emotional bonding, convenience or whatever.

There are few things that every Indian can instantly connect to, like using an empty cookie box to store needles, buttons and threads. As we normally live with our parents, there is nothing known as privacy. Our beloved parents will barge in whenever they want and if a friend from opposite sex comes across and says, “Hi” they will be curious to know every single detail, even if there is none.

The families normally watch TV together and God forbid if any sex scene comes on, then all get uncomfortable. The children have to pretend as if they know nothing about the topic.

The most annoying situation happens when they drag you to a party where there is no one of your age. Either there are kids who are much younger to you or there are aunties and uncles in whom you have no interest.

The emotional manipulation is a part and parcel of every Indian home. When your parents, especially your mom can’t get things done from you, all she does is say, “Do whatever you want to.” with a gloomy face. You are left with no other choice than to do things her way.

All said and done, the reality is, in spite of all the awkward situations that people face or the annoying questions they have to answer, parents are always there for you with their unconditional love.

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