Things You Did as a Kid that You Wish to Do Now

Our childhood is filled with so many memories some beautiful wile few were just craze. But it’s the parents, who are generally scarred for life by their kid peculiar antiques.

Here is a compilation of stuff you probably did as a kid, but you dare not do it now. Sit back and enjoy!

  • Spitting out your food

Yeah! Imagine doing that when your girlfriend cooks you a meal. That’s called Karma bro! You just have to shove that ‘food-like-thing’ in your mouth. Oh! Don’t forget the smile…?

  • The selective eating


Gone are the day when you could choose the selective part and leave the rest. The chocolate cream off the doughnut…Yeah! Those were the good old days!

  • Playing with the wobbly tooth!

That used to be fun back in the days. Image that happening to you now! Two words- ‘Pure Horror’.

  • Peeka-Boo

Remember when we loved playing Peeka-Boo with our tongue and the tooth window? If that ever happened to me now, I would play Peeka-Boo with the rest of the world and probably never step out of my room!

  • Spitting back into our drinks

We just dint have any sense of hygiene, did we? It gives me a chill now.

  • Throwing tantrums

Life used to be so easy back then. Throwing tantrums in public was our ultimate weapon we get about just anything! I have realized that things don’t seem to work that way now. Does it work for you? Let us know…

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