Few things where a person gets childish irrespective of age

Once we age, we normally get away from all juvenile pursuits and get focused on bigger questions and goals in life. But then something happens and we react exactly as how kids would have and it simply reinforces that age is nothing but a number.

Let’s see what are these things that trigger that childish attitude in us-

Kids are really possessive about their best friends and adults are not different. Getting to know that your BFF considers someone else as his/her BFF makes your heart break.

You ordered a pizza and didn’t even bother to keep a piece for me…The statement is same whether you are a kid or a grown-up.

I like all her posts on social media and she didn’t even care to like mine…doesn’t she have any etiquette?

First, they come unannounced and over and above that, gulped down all my stock of beer.

I like her so much and she is showering all her attention on this stupid friend of mine.

If you liked that weed in the mountain so much, why are you wasting my stock?

It’s okay if your two are having an argument….why are you dragging my family name into it.

When will these fools end this party? I simply want to go home and sleep.

This is really frustrating to have just one drink and then split the costs for the dozen they gulped down like tankers.

Doesn’t she realize that I have called my friend to have some time together and she is just going nonstop with her chatter?

Mummy and Papa love bhai more than me.

Seriously….you are telling me back my joke and want me to applaud you for that.

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