Things that serve differently than what they were meant to be!


Today we have an option to choose from the numerous brands available for the same product however some brands have made their mark.

Though we are spoilt for choice, let’s try to rebrand some of these products. These new descriptions suit these brands perfectly and you will agree too.

If you care about your status more than your kidneys go for iPhone.

Perfect for drying clothes and once a while you can use it for exercise too for a change …u know without change life becomes monotonous.

A little electric device without which your life comes to a standstill.

Preaching ‘sharing is caring’ is easy but cigarettes actually walk the talk.

Why unnecessary load your body with caffeine when you can use the Internet to stay awake.

The best use of this is to whiten the sports shoes or hitting but once a while you can use it for writing too.

Tinder is fast replacing the matchmakers in the society with a little twist.

These little pieces of technology help to keep the humans away.

Put your minute-to-minute activity report on the social media through Instagram.

Slipper: A multipurpose device….you can protect your feet, Indian parents use this on their naughty kids, crush cockroach etc.

People are not afraid of getting hurt, but they can certainly not withstand the burning sensation that happens by applying Dettol and hence Savlon was invented.

Monsoons are never a problem for drying clothes if you have steam iron at your disposal.

It really matters to show that you care about your health a lot and what better way than to use a Fitbit.

Buy a funky cover and hide the identity of your cheap phone.

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