Things that people from Chennai have been fed up of hearing all the time

If you are traveling to Chennai or from Chennai, there are some of the things you should be familiar with about the people who are from Chennai. Each city has their own culture and the people from each city have their own traits. But sometimes outsiders make fun of the people who live there and those jokes are really repetitive! Due to this they get easily irritated if someone keeps saying the same thing again and again.

Here are a few things that people from Chennai have been fed up of hearing all the time:

  • Why does no one speak Hindi in Chennai?

You would find most of the people in Chennai either speak the regional language or be fluent in English. Never think of saying that Hindi is our national language and asking this question to them as they would school you really good if you do so.

  • Why is coconut your key ingredient in each and every food?

You would think so if you never actually paid attention in your geography class. What you are looking for are Kerala people and Madrasis don’t actually put coconut in everything. So don’t say this either.

  • Can I get some extra Samburr?

You should not irritate them by pronouncing their favorite dish in the worst possible way. It’s not Samburr… It’s pronounced Saam Baar. So call it that only.

  • Isn’t Rajinikanth actually Marathi?

It is true that Rajinikanth was birthed in Maharashtra but he was made an actual god in Chennai. Therefore he was but he actually isn’t.

  • Tea is way better than Filter Coffee.

Never ever say this to a Chennai person. He would scratch your eyes right out, mix it in your tea and serve it to you.

Never hurt other people’s sentiments and mock their culture as it is immoral and inhumane!

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