Things That Only U.A.E Expats Can Relate To…

As a major country where most of the residents are expats, UAE has developed a culture of its own. Living in the UAE is like no-where else in the world. From chaotic rainy days to luxury cars, this nation does everything a tad-bit differently.

If you are an expat from UAE you definitely must have come across these situations.

  • What is expected of you

If you are an expat from UAE, the first question you would probably be bombarded with is whether you could speak Arabic….

And 90% of the time your answer goes…Maybe I could manage a hello?

  • The Not-So-Weekend

Your friends back home, simply cannot digest the fact that you work on a Sunday.

  • Things they don’t realize

They probably don’t know that in U.A.E the week passes by even before you realize and that you get way more holidays than them.

  • When it Rains, it Pours!

And driving in rain is one of the most HAZARDOUS thing you’ll do. But your friends back home will simply laugh at that.

  • The Extreme Stunts

But they need to be informed that U.A.E is known for their extreme stunts! Anyone who has seen Tom Cruise’s, Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol would have had a pretty good idea of at least 1 of the aspects of living in U.A.E which is very appealing.

  • You Live to Eat

It may be the other way around elsewhere but in UAE it works that way. Weekends mainly comprises of Brunch Plans and Mc Donald will be you BAE.

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