Do You Think You Are Poor? These Pics Show You That Is Not True As You Are Rich-Poor and Not Just Poor!

First and foremost, let us begin with the meaning of the word rich-poor.

The rich-poor word is an adjective and has the following two meanings. Firstly, it is used to describe a person who repeatedly keeps saying that he is either broke or very poor and in reality he is able to meet the ends very comfortably and is not struggling.

Secondly, it is used to describe people who are not poor and have parents who are going to bail them out if any such situation arises.

Now let us begin with the signs that prove that you are rich- poor too.

  • You keep telling everyone that you are poor.

but in reality, your parents keep paying bills for your cell phone usage.

  • You say you are poor, but you are just earning 12.50 dollars for each hour after pursuing what you always dreamt about.

But based on qualification, skillset, and the academic background that you possess, you are capable of finding a job that is much better than this.

  • You say you are poor, but a 12 dollar cheese that you buy is quite affordable for you.

  • You say you are poor, but your treating yourself seems really never ending.

  • Tweets like these, clearly show how rich-poor you are and we can understand it is just truth coming out in the heat of the moment.

  • You say you are poor, but some of you may have visited Soul Cycle or must be planning to visit it soon.

  • You say you are poor, but parties and drinking is always a ‘yes’ for you. At the time when you could have walked, you prefer to be drunk in an elevator in some really fancy place.

  • You say you are poor, but you just cannot begin your day without a cup of expensive coffee and yeah just a normal cup of coffee each morning is not for the poor

So congratulations! You can call yourself rich-poor from this day.

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