Think these are raindrops on a windshield? Zoom out, you won’t believe your eyes!

You think it’s just a photo taken through a car windshield?



Nope! It’s a painting by the hands of this amazing artist. His techniques deceive even the most discerning eyes.


Allow me to introduce Francis McCrory, the master of rain.


This brilliant young artist comes from Ireland, where the weather is rainy almost year round. This is probably the reason why rain is a recurring subject in his art.


Below, you see the first signs of raindrops. But scroll down and you can see and “hear”


how the rain drums louder and louder. Until suddenly


the forces of nature go wild. The windshield wipers can’t handle it, you can hardly see.


And here is the artist’s studio, a place where the rain is always falling.


McCrory is still quite young. He is only at the start of his career, but his talents already deserve praise. His work is truly amazing and can play tricks on even the sharpest eyes. Share his work with your friends if you were also stunned. Francis deserves it.

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