This Abandoned House Saw Many Tragedies — Now It’s Home To Mysterious Mannequins

About an hour north of New York City is a mysterious house located in the quaint town of New Hamburg, New York.

Although the home is a community fixture, no one really knows who lives there, if anyone. Normally, it’s pretty easy to tell if a house is abandoned or not, but the John Lawson House (as it’s called) is no ordinary home.

 In fact, it’s pretty terrifying. You see, while locals have never noticed anyone coming in or out of the house, the porch is always occupied by groups of creepy-looking mannequins.

This is what the porch looks like on an ordinary day. Those people lounging in the rocking chairs? They’re mannequins, fully dressed in early 20th-century clothing with freaky, painted-on faces.

clothing with freaky, painted-on faces