This Artist Reveals Life’s Delicate Balance In A Series Of Mind-Bending Sculptures



The creation of art is a balancing act between the artist and their chosen medium, and while that figurative assessment is all well and fine, the balance that sculptor Michael Grab strikes during his creative process is stunningly literal.

By letting physics be his guide, Grab came up with an ongoing series that will change your perspective on three-dimensional art. This is Gravity Glue.

As the name suggests, the pieces in this series are not held together with any form of adhesive. Instead, Grab relies on the force of gravity.



He came up with the concept on an inquisitive whim back in 2008 while he was exploring the forests of Boulder, Colorado.



After following that whim for the first time, he realized that he could create an entire series.



“The project boils down to a contemplative stone arrangement,” he writes. “It involves patience, adaptation, slow breathing, and steady hands.”



“I create this work all around the world,” he explained to ViralNova. “My life has pretty much been consumed by traveling and balancing rocks.”



It’s incredible that such a logical, methodical process yields such whimsical results.



What Grab loves most is the stillness of his work — the satisfaction that comes along with achieving such an effect with sculptures that teeter on the edge of falling.



In his words, “This reflects our own potential to remain at a still point, even against the challenges we face.”


For now, Michael Grab plans to keep traveling the world in search of higher consciousness and more profound balance. Fortunately for us, he’ll continue leaving these creations in his wake.

“I think a fascinating part of traveling and balancing is seeing the different families of rocks that inhabit each region,” he explained. “There’s always a unique challenge — a unique sense of magic.”

To learn more about Michael Grab’s work, be sure to check out his website. For regular updates, follow the artist on Facebook.

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