This Brave Skier Doesn’t Scare Easily, But What He Saw Left Him Pretty Shaken Up

When Will Burks, 41, started his ski run on Della Mountain in Hailey, Idaho, one day, he wasn’t expecting to be faced with disaster. First of all, Burks isn’t your average skier. Instead, he prefers to ski-fly, which means that he skis right off the edge of the mountain and uses a parachute to float down to the bottom. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s hard to scare him.

And that’s why this footage is so incredible. When this brave guy opened up his parachute and looked down at the mountain that he was just skiing on, he saw something pretty alarming.

Burks later learned that the avalanche that he’d so narrowly escaped was classified as a D2 event. Basically, this skier is lucky that he jumped when he did. The ending of this story could’ve been far more upsetting!

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