This Britain’s Got Talent Audition Was So Intense No One Could Bear to Watch

Britain’s Got Talent daredevil Alexandr Magala says he’s prepared to DIE on the show.

The fearless swordsman – whose act involves putting knives down his throat – says he’s well aware of the risks involved with his act .

And he’s willing to lose his life for his art.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing to die for, I mean why not,” said Alex, who got 4 “yeses” on the show. “I’m ready to risk my life to for the show.

“Everybody’s tried to talk me out of it. The thing is, I’m not afraid that it might happen. If I continue to do this it’s a matter of time when it happens.”

Alexandr Magala performs

Alex, 26, is no stranger to the Got Talent shows. He’s been on America’s Got Talent, Ukraine’s Got Talent and won Russia’s Got Talent.

Talking about his previous injuries – Alex says he’s come close to seriously hurting himself when he cut his lung twice.

“My first show that I did, America’s Got Talent, when I went to swallow a sword. I wasn’t really experienced and it was in the round of quarter-finals when I was really pushing myself. I cut myself really bad inside.

“And once a time I punctured my oesophagus.”

The prospect of performing for the Queen at the Royal Variety Show – the prize gifted to the winner of BGT – is one that thrills Alex. Although he’s sure it will prove uncomfortable viewing for the monarch.

“I don’t know if the Queen can survive watching me, that she won’t have a heart attack or something.”

Single Alex – who hails from Moldova – says his act doesn’t help his love prospects – with girlfriends put off by what he does.

“All girls really worry about me. They try to talk me out of it.”

But his hunky physique and clearly doesn’t scare the girls away – as racy pictures on Alex’s Instagram page show. Working as a pole dancer in a club, he is used to ladies throwing themselves at him.

“I did pole dancing shows in the club when I had to perform in small shorts,” he explained.

“It looks like I’m a stripper but I’m not like that, it’s actually I got hired to perform in a club to do acrobatics and to do pole dancing.”

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