This British Artist Set The Australian Desert Ablaze In The Most Stunning Way


There’s a select group of words that we associate with deserts. Energy and brightness are not typically among them.

But British artist Bruce Munro would beg to differ, because when he first laid eyes on Australia’s Red Desert back in 1992, he was overwhelmed by the region’s untapped vitality and brilliance. He was so stricken by the sensation that he took to his sketchbook and committed the scene to memory.

After compiling sketches and drafts, Munro developed his “Field of Light” installation, which made its debut on the artist’s property in Wiltshire, England. Because of the original version’s success, Munro showed it in various locations across America and the United Kingdom. After over a decade, “Field of Light” was finally introduced to its muse.

Munro and his team, including photographer Mark Pickthall, made their way to the Red Desert to light up the land that inspired it all.


“Field of Light,” Uluru, Bruce Munro 2016

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