This Chemical Reaction Is Never-Ending…And It’s Oddly Gross AND Terrifying

When people say that the truth is stranger than fiction, I think that also applies to science.

Even though science is a very objective thing, it can still occasionally create something that looks like it came straight out of a horror movie. Take for example an old trick known as the Pharaoh’s Serpent.

Pharaoh’s Serpent is a type of firework made from mercury(II) thiocyanate (Hg(SCN)2), that when ignited makes a winding snake-like creation. While it’s not as scary as something like Frankenstein’s monster, it’s still pretty unsettling to see the chemical reaction take place.

Pure nope. Catch the video of the full chemical reaction below.

Pure nope. Catch the video of the full chemical reaction below.

I bet there are some pretty dangerous fumes being produced here.

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