This Dog Was Thrown In A Dumpster And Left To Die Of Heat Stroke

A pedestrian in San Antonio, Texas, heard a strange noise coming from a dumpster.
That’s when they saw Millie, a yellow labrador, baking in the hot sun. The Good Samaritan called in a rescue team to save the poor dog. The lab was curled up under trash, attempting to find shade.

When Millie was pulled out, it was discovered that she had heat stroke and was covered in flies.

She would have died in that dumpster if someone didn’t discover her.

Millie was quickly put on an IV to get rehydrated and was given antibiotics and pain medication.

Luckily, the medical attention she quickly received saved her life.

The volunteer group Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption was able to find Millie a foster home, even though she was estimated to be a bit on the older side (9-10 years old). She worried her rescuers at first, but now, she is a shining example of what love can do for a dog in need.

She is barely recognizable!

She didn’t have a microchip, but it’s believed Millie had a family because she was housebroken and crate-trained.


Officials from the Animal Care Services in San Antonio are still looking into her case.

If the person who left her in that dumpster to die can be found, they will be facing a felony animal cruelty charge. Thankfully, the spring is returning to Millie’s step and she’ll hopefully find a forever home soon.

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