This Guy Dressed As Aladdin Rode A Magic Carpet Through New York

As a Halloween stunt, filmmaker and entrepreneur Casey Neistat teamed up with Pranks Vs. Pranks to troll New Yorkers by setting a real-life Aladdin loose on the city.1

Understandably, people flipped their fez.2

They just wanted to know the Aladdin’s secret!4

Luckily, Neistat posted a second video showing just how the carpet was made and how they filmed it so well.

The carpet was in fact a cloth frame attached to a battery-powered skateboard that Jesse, the real name of skaterboy Aladdin, controlled with a remote control in his hand.5

Meanwhile, Neistat followed Jesse backwards on his own skateboard filming, which is really a whole other stunt in itself.

These guys are really one jump ahead of the breadline.6

Nice job guys, Genie would be proud.


Watch the full magic here:

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