This Is What Your Friend Is Trying to Tell You Based on the Gifts They Present

Celebrating friendship day is dependent on us. For some of us, it is just a WhatsApp forward and for few of us it is exchange of gifts. If you notice carefully, the gifts you give and receive have a hidden meaning, which describes the relationship with your friend.

Here are a few guesses from our end as to what the gifts from your friend mean.


  • If your friend gifts you a greeting card, this is what he means.


  • If your friend gifts you a chocolate, this is what he or she means:


  • Did your friend gift you a friendship band? Then, check this out to know what he means.



  • If your friend presents a book, then seriously you need to learn how to complain.



  • Have you got a personalised gift anytime? Check this out.



  • Got a gift voucher? Then your friend is least bothered about what you purchase.



  • Did your friend share a bag of weed with you? Then this is what he means.



  • Your friend is going to be the best man at your wedding if he presents you this.



  • Didn’t your friend gift you anything? Don’t worry. This is what he means.



  • If your relation revolves around sharing movies and TV Shows, then he would definitely gift this.



  • Your friend is a “Harami” if he gifts you this.



  • If your relation is same on every special day, then he would gift this to you,



  • If your friend gives you food, then this is what he means



  • Did you just receive a handmade gift from a friend on your special day? Find out what he’s trying to convey.


Hope we helped you decode the meaning of the gifts you received on this special day.

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