This Magician Found The Perfect Way To Entertain Himself And Others During Long Commutes.

In my head I consider myself to be a natural-born New Yorker. I can navigate the city like I’ve lived there all my life and let’s be honest, I originated the “don’t mess with me” attitude.

And as all natural-born New Yorkers know, there’s nothing more annoying than making the trek to the subway station and being constantly bombarded by street performers. It never fails, there’s always another violinist strumming for pennies or a wannabe pop star looking for fame and fortune. But for one man in Moscow, he’s taking his street performance to the subway train.

In what can only be described as unbelievable awesomeness (that’s a technical term), onlookers on this particular subway train were treated to a thrilling show as a young magician performed a series of tricks using four glass balls. In his routine, the magician is practicing what is known as “contact juggling,” and the balls often appear to be floating in air with little to no human contact.

I’ve spent a good hour watching this video on repeat, and I still have no idea how he does it!



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