This Plane Made An Emergency Landing — Minutes Later, It Burst Into Flames

There are very, very few people who enjoy flying.

Why? Well, thinking about all of the horrific things that could happen at 30,000 feet is a pretty harrowing experience. What if the plane goes down? What if the landing gear fails? These scenarios run rampant in the minds of timid travelers.

And for the passengers aboard this flight, those nightmares became a shocking reality. When their Singapore Airlines flight left the ground and started to reek of gasoline two hours later, they had every right to be scared. One of their engines was ready to burst into flames, so the crew immediately turned around. When they touched down, passengers thought they were in the clear.

Until this happened, that is.


Luckily, no one was harmed and the fire was quickly extinguished. Even more fortunate, however, is the fact that they were close enough to dry land to change course. Because they were on track to spend a few hours over the middle of the Indian Ocean, things could’ve ended tragically.

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