Times When Mallus Nailed it With Their Killer Swag

1. The long ATM queues would have bothered the rest of India, but not Mallus. They found a smart solution to their problem. Wondering how come you didn’t think of it? Mutual feelings…

2. Even their politicians have their priorities sorted! Now you know where you need to go for a delicious bite of hamburger!

3. They have even gone an extra mile to show their love and support for the Argentina team during the 2014 World Cup. Don’t believe us? Check out the picture.

4. What better way to lure in students than roping in adult film stars for college posters? So, if you want to be welcomed by Mia Khalifa, Sunny Leone and Johnny Sins, Kerala is the state that you need to ship yourself to!

5. The Kerala High Court surely knows how to handle matters concerning the interests of public.

6. It’s not just the English language that Keralites are fond of. We recently found out that a Kerala court has a thing for Shakespeare. How do we know? Well, see for yourself this dope judgement!

7. Everybody deserves a second chance…But, giving a knife to a convict may be a bad idea.

8. This state surely knows how to make heads turn! A pair of twins get married to another pair of twins and their wedding is officiated by a pair of twins! Draw a line in the middle and the image will look symmetrical. Looking at it is getting us tipsy!

9. What do you do if you liked the movie Baahubali? Throw a ₹55 crore Baahubali-themed wedding of course! Talk about the big fat Indian weddings.

10. These guys surely know how to use their luxury car.

11. When sign boards prove that the earth is round.

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