Toll Booth Swipes Karnataka Doctor’s Debit Card for Rs 4 Lakh Instead of Rs 40

Every now and then, we hear or read about debit/credit card frauds in the country. And these cases have multiplied in number since Prime Minister Modi’s currency ban. People now are dependent on digital money more than ever before or will ever be in future. From big malls, showrooms, and stores to little roadside shops, stalls and tapris, almost every payment is made and accepted through cards or online application, Paytm. India has truly gone “DIGITAL”, but the same is the case for the frauds too – they have also gone “DIGITAL”. November 8 was the day that changed the fate of the country when PM Modi declared demonetization.

However, this particular incident from Gundmi toll gate in Mangaluru will shock you to the core as it is not every day that such incidents come to light. In this case, a person was charged Rs 4 lakhs instead of Rs 40. According to the reports, the incident took place when a man, who is identified as Doctor Rao was travelling to Mumbai with his driver through the Kochi-Mumbai National Highway located close to Udupi.

When he reached the toll gate at around 10:30 pm, he used his card to make the toll payment of Rs.40. The attendant at the toll swiped his card and also gave him the transaction receipt of the payment made there itself. However, it was only after Doctor Rao got an alert message on his phone from the bank, he came to know about the actual transaction amount deducted from his account was Rs 4 lakhs.

But when he returned to the toll gate to inform the toll attendants about their “GIGANTIC” error, they refused to confess or even accept their mistake. Comprehendingly, the doctor tried to describe the scenario to the toll attendants for more than two hours, but everything in vain.

This is a standard example of what price you might have to pay for your negligence and carelessness. 

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