Top 10 Hilarious Dad Jokes

We have all have had our fair share of embarrassment when our dads decide to take their jokes to a whole new level. They innocently shred every bit of sanity you have, but yet they are so embarrassing that you cannot stop yourself from ROFL. Here are some hand-picked superb collections of ‘the worst dad-jokes’ caught on cam.

Check out these awesome dads and their ingenious ways to embarrass their kids in the silliest ways possible. And of course, the kids reaction.

  • When the man of the house is a dentist


Come on Dad! You really need to do this every Halloween?

Could Halloween get creepier?

  • Stuff they do to keep themselves entertained at work

“And I thought he was busy at work.” Well, jokes like these make it tolerable for us. Thanks, dad! Good one!

  • Son, check out my uber cool moves! Care to join me?

This little dude gives you lesson for life. So, when your father wants to tag along with you for an EMD concert, Mission Abort! Fall Back!

  • A perfect depiction of ‘the dad-joke’ caught on camera.

So here goes the joke. Try not to pull off your hair.

What did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato?”

“…catch up!”

  • When your dad has mastered the art of taking selfies.

  • When fathers are introduced into the world of Snapchat. And they take it a little too seriously

That’s her dad she said. He is being a bit fishy.

  • When you think, they couldn’t possibly screw up a simple task.

This girl asks her dad to get her stuff to school. Admits of her naiveness by saying “biggest mistake EVER!”

  • The dotting father proves his POINT

“Okay dad! You proved your point, now please can you remove this picture from Instagram?”

  • This dad over here decides to finally give her driving-lessons.

About the lifejacket. No, he didn’t have any plans for boating. But, there is a lake nearby. JUST IN CASE.

  • Try beating this!

This kid is probably wondering why they still have this pic in their family album.

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