Top Jokes From Netflix’s Aditi Mittal Comedy Standup Special Which Would Definitely Crack You Up

After Amazon did an exclusively guy based Comedy Standup Special, Netflix bounced back with a solely Aditi Mittal special and the response was overwhelming. Aditi, in her own style touched so many topics that are sensitive to the current and the previous generation in a comic and hilarious way at the show which recently aired on Netflix. Here are a few of the best picks from the hilarious showdown of our very own Aditi Mittal:

  • When you are single, unmarried, and thirty years of age in a country like India:

She isn’t lying people. This really happens to Indian women who are career oriented and focus on their work life more than their private personal life. FYI, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being thirty and being single.

  • The best place to be a woman in the country:

Total VIP treatment is given to women is during security checks. They are given priority into a special velvety booth and guys on the other hand are totally groped.

  • Indian Sex Education:

I believe having a sex education class in school is essential but our education system doesn’t think so.

  • The Troublesome Kids on Flights:


It’s not just flights, it is movie halls, buses, cars, trains, etc. Anywhere there is a public gathering, the kids make a nuisance.

  • The Evolution of Sanitary Pad Advertisements:

These advertisements have ruined excuses of many women who skip classes or skip school entirely because of the problem of periods. Now they kind of have to do everything because of the advertisements.

Comedy is the best medium to get your emotions heard by the world. Standup comedians like Aditi Mittal have done this flawlessly. Her standup special has had huge success and may it have a lot more of success.

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