Triple Spiral Dominoes Is Mesmerizing To Watch

Did you ever play with dominoes as a kid? I am not talking about the actual game of dominoes, but did you set them up in a row just to have them fall down one by one? The hardest part of setting up the dominoes is not bumping one too early and watching your creation spring into action!

Hevesh5 has been entertaining us for years with her domino stunts. Her latest creation is an amazing triple spiral of 15,000 dominoes! It took Hevesh5 25 hours spread out over eight days to construct the triple spiral masterpiece. It only takes a matter of minutes for it to topple! Hevesh5 says this is her best project so far.

Take a look at this video!


She has gotten more than 7 million views in a few short days. Wonder who is going to clean that all up?! Share away, people!

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