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Tripple H Tweeted About Pakistani Couple’s Wedding Entry Who Entered In His Style

You need to accept the fact that Tripple H was our star in childhood when we used to watch him in WWE. We started loving wrestling because of the active wrestler Tripple H. He has fans located in each and every country. Pakistan has some other taste in showcasing their fan following, where one such person made a strange choice of choosing the music for his wedding entry with his bride.

Might you be thinking of comparing wrestling ring to wedding bells? A video posted by Kichoo Ahmer posted over a social media portal have seemed to impress Tripple H himself. Ahmer entered in the wedding show with the Tripple H theme song playing in the background. The Pakistani groom makes a crushing entry, leaving spectators at his wedding stunned and delighted in the meantime!

The vide went viral in merely no time. Withing 48 hours the video got 1,500,000 views with over 19,000 shares are 13,000 likes.

The tweet of 14 times world heavyweight champion Tripple H goes like this,


The reaction could begin the pattern of Pakistani grooms or ladies mirroring WWE hotshots entrance topics. Maybe somebody can now do The Undertakers at their wedding?

The groom has the inner self and state of mind of The Game imitated splendidly as he enters the ring to get his lady!

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