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Donald Trump asks Lawnmakers for a down payment of $7.9 Billion

Hurricane hit Houston
Hurricane hit Houston

President Donald Trump has sent an initial request to the lawmakers for a $7.9 billion down payment toward Harvey relief and recovery efforts. The request will add $7.4 billion to the Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster aid coffers and $450 million to finance disaster loans for small businesses. 

Republican leaders are already making plans to use the aid package to win speedy approval of a contentious increase in the federal borrowing limit.

Houston after Hurricane Harvey

The House is likely to pass the Harvey aid as a stand-alone bill. Meanwhile, GOP leaders are signaling that the Senate may add the debt increase to it. Then the House would vote it again to send it to Trump. 

The White House hints that the plan is on board. Mick Mulvaney, White House budget director, urged the lawmakers in a letter outlining the aid request to “act expeditiously to ensure that the debt ceiling does not affect these critical response and recovery effort”.

The White House

The initial Harvey package is the first installment for immediate disaster response.The White House says more than a  total of 436,000 households have been registered for FEMA aid. President and the First lady of America had recently visited the Hurricane-hit Houston.

Meanwhile, despite threats from Trump to shut down the government if the US-Mexico border wall is not paid for. The lawmakers and aides say that the White House has eased off that threat and any fight over the border wall will be delayed until later in the year.

Well, let’s see what will be the next steps by the Government in accordance to it.

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