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TSA Imposes a Ban on Electronic Devices Except Mobile Phones and Medical Devices

With new regimes come new rules for travel by flights. A new regulation has come into force recently. The Department of Homeland Security has announced that electronic gadgets apart from medical equipments and cell phones will not be allowed in cabin luggage in a few flights.

A source has revealed that this rule will be applicable to about 10 airports spanning across 8 countries. Most of the flights that will enforce this rule fly to and from countries like the Unites States, Africa and the Middle East. The Royal Jordanian Airlines had informed all it’s passengers that effective from the morning of Tuesday, all people boarding flights to or from the United States must ensure that they are not carrying electronic devices like laptops, cameras, iPads, games etc. inside flight cabins.

Saudi Airlines had also tweeted that the government of America has banned any sort of electronic equipment inside the cabin luggage of planes. The Department of Homeland Security did not give any comment when requested, but said that they will inform media with any update on security precautions when necessary and appropriate.

According to some people, this announcement of banning electronics from cabin luggage is a counter-measure to some sort of security threat received by the officials and authorities.

Kip Hawley, head of the TSA from the year 2005 to 2009 has said that this law will help them to defuse threats as well as minimize the impact of threats on passengers to the maximum level possible.

To ban bigger devices and allowing smaller devices like cellphones is comparatively safer, because cell phones are too small to be able to conceal an explosive or something of that sort. The extent of damage caused by cell phones is extremely less as compared to damage by a laptop, if some explosive was concealed within it.

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