Tubelight Memes Are Thousand Times Better Than the Movie.

Every year on Eid Salman comes out with a new movie and this year was no different. Fans were waiting eagerly for his movie ‘Tubelight’ and that came out to be a fused one. Unlike his movies in the past, this year, it was a sheer disappointment and then the Internet got active and came out with memes that were many-many times better to spend time than actually watching the movie.

  •    After watching tubelight people will automatically shift to Syska Led.

  •    What better way to take revenge from Jadeja than to gift him tubelight movie tickets.

  •    The Chinese actor Zhu Zhu realised in time that it is a fused tubelight and thus stayed away from promotions it seems.

  •    Congress party and Kabir Khan share the same fate…both are waiting for their tubelight to light up.

  •    Arvind Kejriwal found the reason why tubelight didn’t work. As usual, it was Modi factor working behind it.

  •     Even the Gods must be thinking who made this stupid movie…he can’t be given the place even in hell.

  •    Salman loves his idiot fans who watch any bullshit he comes up with.

  •    Now that Salman has graduated from car to bicycle, people on streets are finally safe

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Wow awesome !! You will love it..

Wow awesome !! You will love it..

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