TVs most romantic and lovey dovey couples, Modern Family’s Cam and Mitch

Modern Family is one of the most popular sitcoms that is currently on air. The idea of this TV show is to depict how the current families react to situations and they make it comic. The show has three families one of which is a LGBT family. Mitch and Cam are played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet respectively. They portray two loving gay people who get married and adopt a baby.

The family of three is one of the most adorable families on TV and Mitch and Cam are portrayed perfectly. They have excellent cheesy dialogues that are hilarious as well as adorable. They would make you go lol as well as aww. Here are some of the best quotes by the couple:

  • I am so frustrated that you should pull the trigger right now:

  • Like fathers like daughter. They liked princesses in that age too:

  • Alcoholism is not a game. It is a serious problem Mitch:

  • Baby girls are unreasonable sometimes but thank god Mitch has an idea:

  • Mitch doesn’t like when Cam repeats himself for no reason:

  • If a wet blanket is put on Cam’s dreams, he gets wet dreams. Get it!

  • Batman is actually gay according to Mitch and Cam. But the gardener is a straight batman:

  • I can only draw pandas and monkeys that is why we are monkeys and she is a panda:

  • Babysitting is one of the toughest decisions for a mom and a dad or a dad and a dad:

  • Aww that was adorable. Hugging the huge mess:

Cam and Mitch give nice and adorable teachings to all the couples out there. They tell us to care and love no matter what comes in between. They are the most adorable couples in reel as well as real life.

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