Some Tweets That Mothers Can Instantly Connect To

Every year on Mother’s day the social media is abuzz with beautiful messages showering all the love for mothers. I really think do they only deserve to be noticed only one day a year when they are working nonstop all through their life to make their kids comfortable. Being a mother is no mean task. Kids take their great management skills for granted, but believe me it’s not easy for them to manage everything always and they too need a break.

Mothers are also individuals having varied personalities and let’s see how they feel through the tweets they did on this mother’s day.

  • School is something that a mother always looks forward to. Don’t get me wrong. It’s the only time when she gets a break from her kids.

  • Encouraging children to do better is always a mom’s job even if it means clapping smilingly at a school play where she was bored to death.

  • New moms often try to follow the advice ‘no electronic devices to kids’, but by the time her little one turns into a toddler she gives up.

  • Listen! You are going for play dates with only those kids whose parents I approve can give company to me.

  • Why do you always realise that it was your favourite toy only after losing it?

  • Moms have really different tones and kids understand very well when she means business.

  • Oh, I love this game of prison time… It gives me the much-needed break and peace to be with myself.

  • I finally realised that listening Mama as the first word from your child’s mouth only gives a short-lived happiness…

  • If mumbling ‘I am the boss’ makes you feel better, there is nothing wrong in doing it.

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