Twitter Trolling the Government’s Latest Decision of Providing Aadhar Card for Cows

Apparently, now cows would also have to prove that they are Indian citizens. Aadhar Card is an initiative by Indian government to digitally access any and all kinds of information regarding a resident of India. It used to be exclusive to humans.

Recently due to a lot of smuggling of cows across the country, the central government has propositioned a method of identification for cows, which is going to be similar to Aadhar Cards so that the farmers can easily track their cattle.

A lot of twitter users have gotten a kick out of it. The Indian Twitterati were all over this news and they did their best in making this news a laugh riot. They have posted memes and trolls on twitter all day long. Here are some of our picks:

  • What would a Cow say for all this?

  • Some Photoshop Aadhar card photos circulating around the internet looking like this:

  • Calling the Cow Aadhar card an Udder card. Get it?

  • Now there is a Moo vs Mehehe war starting on twitter. People in support of goats demanding Aadhar for Goats too:

  • Well this is original. A Cowdhar Card. What do you guys think?

  • Animals should have Voting Rights too:

  • That is actually a very valid question. How would all the fingerprints be taken of a cow? Apparently a cow can be culprit in crimes as well:

  • At least there is a way for an eye scan for a cow:

This is just a start for the government of India. We are certain that soon, all cattle are going to get a UID identification and it won’t just be cattle getting this. Certain pets would get it too. So get ready cats and dog owners, Indian government is coming after you next.

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