Twitterati in Shock with Maneka’s Outlandish Statement

Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister for Women and Child Development, who is known for her strong stance on gender equality, made a shocking statement that has left everybody baffled. In a recent interview with the NDTV news channel, she spoke about the early hostel curfews and how it ensured safety to women. The Union Minister said, “When you are 16 or 17 you are also hormonally very challenged. So, to protect you from your own hormonal outbursts, perhaps a Lakshman Rekha is drawn. It really is for your own safety.”

On hearing, such a careless statement from Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister for Women and Child Development, people were evidently disturbed. A lot of them took it to their Twitter handle to expresses their disapproval.


One such Twitter post read, “You know what would be safest? Lock hormonal men in, instead of denying women the right to lead a full life. (Sic)”  

Maneka was allegedly a part of a new channel panel discussion, ahead of the International Women’s Day. Though she reportedly went on to explain that early curfew for hostel must be applicable for the boys as well, but her remark had already opened a can of worms on social media. Social media was bombarded with question and concerns. This question surfaced on Twitter “Is locking girls inside the solution?”, expressing their shock

The Union Minister who mainly deals with broadening gender equality and child & women empowerment policies seemingly asserted that one of the solutions to ‘the problem’ is to enforce time limitation or curfew on things. She went on to explain her theory by providing an example: If students want to study in the library, then two nights should be allocated for the boys and two for the girls.

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