Twitterati’s Hysterical Take on Feminism

Very few words have the power to evoke misunderstandings and stereotypes and one such term is “feminism”. Now what does it mean to be a feminist, you may ask. Promoting equal rights for men and women. Period. The Twitteraties seem to have understood the term a little too well…

Here is a List of Some Hilarious Tweets

  • The ‘Feminist Snake’

Snake: *hisssssssssssss*

Feminist snake: *herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

  • Indian Parents

“Look, you’re almost 25, it’s high time you find someone who can rape you with out any legal consequence.” -Indian Parents

  • Indian Parents Take-II

(late 20s & living w parents) 

me: mom we r out of eggs so i am going out to buy some
mom: soon u will b out of eggs that cannot be bought

  • The Random Indian Dude

Guy: hey your bra strap is showing

Same guy: *pulls dick out to pee on the road*

Bollywood take on feminism

  • 90% of ghosts in films are women 

Feminism is totally winning in a paranormal realm.

  • Didi tera dewar deewanaaaa

Haye ram kudiyon ko kare sexually harass under the garb of archaic tradition giving his actions legitimacy

  • The Thug Life Attitude

“Eww, periods are gross”

“Yeah, sometimes gross stuff comes out of a vagina, you, for example.”

  • Summing up the feminism theory

“The next bitch who says she isn’t a feminist needs to pay dowry and then perform sati. And be married off at age 11. And no school for you.”

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