Twitterati’s Hilarious Collection of Indian Ad Tweets

Marketing using ads is a very funky business. With one successful advertising campaign, you could make your brand into the biggest success ever, or destroy it’s reputation as well. So people tend to use humor in their ads, as humor is something that directly connects with everyone. India has been one step ahead in this field, too.

India has been using catchy ads for almost everything from butter to deodorants. But it’s not just the advertising campaign that determines the success of your ad. It’s the user engagement with the advertising campaign as well. Catchy slogans of many Indian ads still run on the lips of children and adults alike. Some of these slogans have even found their way into jokes.

Twitterati is never far behind when it comes to jokes. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets by the Twitterati on Indian ads:

  • Chubti Jalti Garmi Ka Mausam Aya

As @LEDtvn clearly points out, Indian summers are really scorching and the prickly heat powders have carefully chosen their tagline to depict that.

  • Harpic and Yellow Stained Toilets

Well, it’s always unpleasing to watch something like a pot while eating and @AksharPathak is right!

  • Swaagat Pan Parag Se Kijiye

What @Chinmay_KB shrewdly observed here was that Pan Parag can be used to invite any bhartiya nagrik! As stated by the ad where the protagonists uses Pan Parag to welcome guests!

  • Vicco Turmeric, Nahi Cosmetic

@awryaditi clearly shows the frustration of every movie goer who has to sit through commercials even after paying 200 bucks for a movie. Vicco’s ads dominate the pre movie ads. The melody of the ad is good though!

  • Rose Rose Nima Rose

@Seed_In_Deed shows how deep, these ads have affected Indian folk. They have a compulsion to complete the slogan of these ads!

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