Two Swans Were Just Eating Some Food In This Pond When A Bunch Of Koi Swam Up…

Swans, as majestic as they are, have a pretty feisty side to them.

This poppa swan was super upset when a man helped rescue his baby from a fence and this territorial black swan immediately started picking on a little goose who’d just been released back into the wild!

Yeah, they can be pretty menacing when they don’t get their way…which is why this video of some swans with a bunch of koi fish is so surprising.

Just watch what happens when the orange fishies swim up while the birds are mid-meal.

While that particular feeding session happened in a pond in Taiwan, the phenomenon is actually pretty popular the world over.

But why do the regal birds so readily share their feed with the demanding fish? According to some biologists, they believe the open mouths of the fish look similar to those of baby swans — or cygnets. Therefore, the swans instinctively want to feed the eager fish, much like they would want to nourish their babies.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s pretty darn amazing how animals work together!

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