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Uber Expects India To Surpass Its U.S. Business Soon, And More

Uber expects its business in India to overtake its U.S. operations in time, as it prepares to expand into more rural parts of the country to tap the huge growth potential on offer. That’s according to representatives from the ride-hailing app, who responded to our questions following Uber’s announcement to invest $1 billion growing its business in India. That pledge came right after a push to raise a similar figure for its business in China, which is already at a reported one million trips per day.

As Asia becomes an increasingly strategic region for Uber, both in terms of existing scale and growth potential, we asked a series of questions to the world’s most iconic taxi app company to better understand its plans for India, which is already Uber’s second largest market worldwide based on the number of cities covered.

China is poised to become Uber’ largest global market is India also expected to surpass the U.S. on rides per day, and if so when might that happen? This will happen, but the timeline for this is not something we are able to share at this point. Some of the fastest growing cities in the world are in India and we continue to see robust 40 percent month-on-month growth here.

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