This Ukrainian Woman Set a World Record in Crushing Watermelons

olga crushing watermelons

Every one of us wants to do something that keeps us in the history. But owing to some reasons, we leave the dream just as a dream. Olga Liashchuk, a Ukrainian woman, too wants to be someone special. She wants to be the strongest woman in the world.

The way she has chosen to fulfil her dream is – Squeezing watermelons. You may think what’s there in it. But she does do this with her thighs, not with hands. She participated in an episode of Guinness World Records and set a record as the Fastest Woman to squeeze three watermelons in just 14.65 seconds.

She missed the World Record of Squeezing highest number of watermelons in a minute, just by a hair. Here, you can see the video of her performance:

We wish her all the best to set the world record as the one to crush most number of watermelons very soon.

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