Ultimate Heights by Whoever Created Judwaa 2’s Wikipedia Page: Reddit Users Troll Hard

The much-awaited Judwaa’s remake is all set to be released on the 29th of September. This movie would have David Dhawan’s son Varun Dhawan in the lead role instead of Salman Khan, the actor of the original Judwaa.

The original Judwaa was one of the funniest Indian movies of all times and is still watched by many people. Somebody created the Wikipedia page of the movie and uploaded its basic plot. The plot looks funny but with all the unbelievable language mistakes, the hilariousness takes a whole another level.

Check out the Wikipedia plot of Judwaa 2:

Reddit users did their best to decode this plotline. Here are a few top redditer comments:

  • They Fall in Love and Live for Long:

When you fall in love and live for long very ‘togetherly’, the gormint gets sold out! This is how we do it and it’s the best way to love too!!

  • Thick Fan of Varun Dhawan:

I think this ‘waltzchrist20’ is the one who actually created the Wikipedia page. He is a thick fan of Varun Dhawan, but other people think that he is a ‘thicc’ fan not a thick fan!!!

  • Ragged in College:

I think he meant ragging but that came out ragged instead! God bless the creator of English and the teacher of this person.

  • Epic Plot Twist:

Wait I didn’t get the plot twist. Could someone explain what was so epic about the twist? Doesn’t the name suggest that this movie is about two people who look alike?

I really do hope that this Wikipedia page was created by a fan and is going to be cited properly by the actual creators of the movie. After all, such crappy English brings bad name to our country.

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