Ultimately Funny Puns that would make you question the English Language

One word has many meanings in English. This is how Puns came into being. If you are a fan of puns too, you are going to love these puns. They would definitely want you to question the English language or you wouldn’t have understood the pun.

Here are some which are guaranteed to make you laugh:

  • That Girl is a Keeper:

She’s a keeper, a beekeeper, get it? Still didn’t get it? It’s being compared to a girlfriend that is so good that you should be with her forever.

  • Introverts that know wordplay:

A vegan is a person who doesn’t eat meat and a social vegan is a person who avoids meet!!! In the English language, similar sounding words don’t always mean the same!

  • Bring out the artist in you:

The car is nice but where did his van go? The person saw an art piece on a car and commented with Van Gogh instead of van go!! Nice wordplay…

  • 3.14 Feet Tall Snake:

A Python is a 3.14 feet long snake because pi=3.14!!! I’m sure the real Shakespeare would also want this on his tombstone!!

  • An ice cream cone or a pine cone:

Your simple, run of the mill, ice cream cones, on display at an ice cream shop. I suggest you try the oldest and gold standard pine cone. It is absolutely scrumptious!!!

  • Weak Days:

Our week has only two strong days as the weakness ends then. The rest are our weak days because we have to work!! This one was really a LOL worthy joke!

  • The Best Pun of Today:

This is how you really impress your boss. Great work!

Puns bring a smile into our lives. I’m sure most of these must have made you laugh!

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