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At UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pitches For Climate Justice, War On Poverty

Amid India’s strong bid for a permanent seat in UN Security Council, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pitched for reform of the powerful world body to make it “broad-based”, saying it is essential to maintain its credibility and legitimacy in the current world realities. Addressing the UN General Assembly soon after it adopted the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, he also underlined the need for ensuring “climate justice” while pursuing these targets so as to ensure protection to the poor. “70 years back, when the horrific second World War came to an end, this organisation came into being, raising hopes of people around the world. We have gathered here to decide a new direction,” he told the gathering of world leaders. “We must reform the UN and the Security Council. This is essential so that the institutions have greater credibility and legitimacy. With a broad-based representation, we will be more effective in achieving our goals,” Modi said. His pitch for making the UNSC broad-based comes amidst India’s strong bid for a permanent seat in the expanded five-member world body. Modi asserted that the global challenges like climate change and sustainable development are the collective responsibility of all nations as no nation can be immune to any kind of threat.Modi talked about the need for eradicating poverty and ensuring development as he highlighted that 1.3 billion people around the world are forced to live in poverty. On the issue of climate change, he maintained that common but differentiated

responsibility is the basis for dealing with this challenge. In this context, he asked the developed nations to fulfill their responsibility of sharing technology, innovation and finances with the developing countries without having any “selfish interest”. We should create a world where every living thing feels secure, gets opportunities and respect. We should leave for our future generations a climate in a better condition. There can be no better objective. But this is also true that nothing is more challenging than this,” Modi said.

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